Siamese cat in heat, meowing all night

by Judy
(Long island, New York)



I have always owned at least one and sometimes more Siamese, all of whom have lived to ripe old ages. Just about a week ago, I rescued a purebred Chocolate Point cat who turned up on the doorstep of a colleague from a rescue organization I belong to. After posting advertisements, calling all local shelters, the police and taking her to be checked for a micro-chip, with no indication of where this cat belonged, the woman asked if I would foster her, as she had too many cats.

Needless to say, this "foster" will probably become permanent. My vet estimates that she is between 1 1/2 and 2 years of age. She is very well-bred, petite and lovely in all ways. She has become best friends with my German Shepherd and is getting along well with my three other cats. She is responsive, rather than vocal and is clean and a purring machine when picked up...obviously a cat who has been well brought up and socialized.
So what is the problem, you might ask? While this little girl sleeps happily and calmly throughout the day, the evening appears to trigger great anxiety, as she wanders through the house bellowing and calling. She'll get up on the bed and settle down, briefly, but then is off calling again. If this were an all-day occurrence, I would suspect she was in season, as the vet could not find a spay scar and a sonogram revealed no pregnancy. However a Siamese in season is a 24/7 screamer, so that doesn't seem to be the case. When I finally put her in a spare bedroom, she settles down and is quiet.
I know that this is a period of adjustment for her and, hopefully, she will be able to stay quiet when we are sleeping. In the meantime, is there anything more I can be doing...has anyone had a situation like this and can anyone offer an explanation above and beyond what I suspect is adjusting to the third home she's had in her short life. In every other respect, she is a dreamgirl of a cat. Thank you.

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Jun 24, 2010
by: judy from Long Island

Good for you for rescuing your little girl and a pox on the man who killed the other kitties. I have both dogs and cats and they're both wonderful
in their respective ways. But, for me, Siamese are special...said to be like a cross between dogs and monkeys and I agree. Good luck and thanks for your note. Judy

Jun 24, 2010
notes on PEARL
by: george

some people,especially in the south,just hate cats. my theory is that they resent a cats independence and don't like their pets to be smarter then they are! dogs come when you call; cats have an answering machine...i rescued pearl at only 4 (?) weeks old after a farmer found the mother and 3 other kittens in his field...and killed them. i said 'give me that kitten' and he did...i've fed it with an eye dropper for two weeks and the results are documented here..i've had cats my whole life but never a i see why they were regarded as GODS in asia...pearl at 8 (?) weeks thinks she IS a god and who am i to argue....see what some half and half and crushed shrimp can do..she now is acquiring a taste for world cup soccer and watches every game intently...i think shes a fan of uruguay!

Jun 22, 2010
Your sweet girl
by: Lynn

I am glad everything is fine. My Siamese last summer had pyometra. She was a homeless cat. She has feline leukemia. Because of that the vet did not want to spay her. But once developing the infection she had no choice. Her name is "Sweetie" and she got through the surgery like it was nothing! Bouncing back and even getting a little plump soon after the surgery. I am glad all is well with your new girl meezer.

If you think it's strange how some people can give up beautiful Siamese cats look at one of my latest submissions. These two are as cute as cute can be.

Thank you for updating me,


Jun 22, 2010
night owl
by: judy from long island

Thank you for your response. As it turns out, Jasmine was carrying on because she was in season.
Since all of my Siamese had been spayed and since my veterinarian could detect no spay scar, we were unable to ascertain whether she was intact. Upon opening her up, he discovered not only that she had never been spayed, but that she had a condition called pyometra, a life-threatening uterine infection, which would have killed her had her uterus ruptured were she not rescued and spayed.
While still chatty, as all Siamese are, she is no longer screeching 24/7 and has evolved into the sweetest, dearest little cat. I recently changed my status from foster mom to permanent caretaker and have finalized her adoption with the rescue organization that placed her with me on a "temporary" basis. She is also now micro-chipped with all of my information in the event that she is ever again lost. My German Shepherd and she adore each other and my other cats are tolerating, if not exactly thrilled about her.
It is still a mystery to me that an obviously valuable Chocolate Point Siamese could have reached the streets with no one claiming her despite advertisements and calls to the police and local shelters from the people who found her. I can only assume that it was fated that she end up in a forever home which will take care of and protect her forever.
Best, Judy

Jun 21, 2010
your night owl
by: Lynn

Cats are nocturnal by nature. That is why they sleep all day and are the most active at night. If she is in heat that could be why she is bellowing and calling. There is nothing like a Siamese in heat! I have been through that before myself, its pretty awful. I have heard that having a little light in your house at night, like night lights will calm cats at night. I have them all over my house.

Also in time she should adapt to your sleeping time and start settling down.

Please update me on what has happened.


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