Siamese cat not using the litter box

by Dee
(Palm City, Fl)

Got a six year old cat (Siamese) from rescue, after two weeks, she started defecating on the bed, then on the floor, and next to the litter box. ??

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Dec 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

"Your cat may have been ambushed while using the litter box by another cat, child, or dog. My youngest cat use to ambush the other cats as they were leaving the litter box."

I think this is what happened. When I was in the other bathroom, the dog went in to eat some of her food, the litter box is in the shower, I think she ran out, and was afraid to go back in fearing the very small dog would come back. Since then I put the food up high on the bathroom sink, but probably too late. That may be why she went on the higher bed, which was a REAL problem. No , I didn't punish her, but hard to cope with. The third time I put plastic and spray on the bed, she went on the plastic. Not good at all.

Dec 24, 2011
Hard to know
by: Anonymous

She had two litter boxes, clean, one not even used. Tried litter without smell, etc. Then she started going on the bed. After she slept on the bed with my daughter when she visited for two nights ?
A retired couple without a dog is seeing if it will work out. They also have a small Siamese cat, a male, about the same age as her.
I think she didn't want the dog to come in the bedroom where she stayed most of time, and/or was jealous of the dog.(a chihuahua that loves cats) She was at rescue with a bunch of cats in one room for about three months, I don't know where she went to the bathroom there. I have not checked. She was turned in as a six year old, strange. She was so sweet, but very timid. She was so thin when I got her, ate ravenously and gained weight in the three weeks and looked normal.
Hard to know.

Dec 24, 2011
litter box problems
by: Lynn

If it is not a physical problem, it can be a behavioral problem. Here is my link to solving litter box problems.

One of the most common problems is not a clean litter box. I do not mean to imply that yours is dirty but some cats are major sensitive to things like that. Do you have more than one cat? My Siamese refuses to use a litter box that another cat has gone in... period! If so, she will go on the carpet next to the litter box.

More than one box, and location is very important. I have five large litter boxes. I would rather have several litter boxes than cat poop on my carpet.

Dec 21, 2011
Re: Siamese missing litter box
by: Anonymous

she doesn't seem sick, but to a vet soon. I think it is more psychological, upset with little dog in living room she is afraid of, although dog loves cats. She creeps out in living room when she knows the dog is asleep in evening.

Dec 21, 2011
She needs a VET.
by: angelina diantonio

She is sick ,maybe an infection or kidney or thyroid.She needs to be seen by a VET.

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