Siamese cat pooping problems

by Robin
(Rhode Island)

Litter box problems

Litter box problems

Please help: my 1 year old male Siamese poops on my rugs. We have had to lift up the rugs, and then I put them back down, and he did it again!

He usually does this when he gets mad at me or after the cleaning ladies come and disturb his home.
He knows that he is doing wrong because he is scolded and tapped. He hides from me after he poops because he knows what the consequence will be.
Please advise!!!!!

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Sep 20, 2012
by: Beatrice

I do feel that he knows that what he is doing is not acceptable and he hides because he is afraid of being scolded again. Siamese cats hate when their owners are displeased with them, but I don't think he is doing it out of spite, maybe he wants to tell you something about his cat litter tray. It is not normal to be doing his poop on the rug. This is very abnormal behavious and clearly there is a reasaon for it. Can you possibly think of any reason why he would do this? Remove the offending rug for a few days, put it in the car or garage and see what he will do then for pooping?

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Sep 19, 2012
It's never spite
by: My2wins

Cats are not vindictive. If he's pooping where he should not be then either his litter box has a problem or his health has a problem.

Are you changing his box frequently? Scooping out solids at least once a day if not twice?

Is the box in a good location?

Make sure his litter box environment is optimized.

You might try Dr Elsey's herbal litter if thigs don't resolve.

Please dont put human characteristics on your cat. They are driven by different motivations than us and they don't poop to spite us.

Make sure there are no health problem but I would bet you that it's a litter box failure situation.

It must be kept very clean and if you have been doing that, then try changing boxes and or litter and or environment/location you find the right combo

Good luck!

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