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Oct 12, 2015
Cat who won't eat
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

It is nearly two years since we started blogging about Siamese puss who would not eat. I do hope by now that he is guzzling away to his heart's content and is a fine healthy cat! Our cats certainly do not suffer from this ailment, I wish they would, as our cat food bills are horrendous! Keep up the stories on the Siamese kitties!

Beatrice from Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Coleen

I think he still wants milk. Sometimes is good to make the transition easily. try and mix the food you are feeding it with normal milk. That should help.

Aug 05, 2013
7 week Siamese
by: Anonymous

7 weeks is very young for your Siamese to be away from it mother. Unlike other cat the Siamese are a little immature and need to stay with their mothers a little longer than other cats. Siamese need to be with there mother for the first 10 weeks. You will need to contact the vet. This little kitten should still be feeding from its mum. The vet will be able to advise on a kitten milk for your kitten. You may have to feed it for a couple of weeks while you try it wean it. Please phone the vet as soon as possible as a kitten that age needs to feed or it will become ill or even die.

Good Luck

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