Siamese Cat?

by Nancy G

Ratatouille (Touille) claiming her napping spot

Ratatouille (Touille) claiming her napping spot

We have just adopted a kitten that looks siamese, but neither parent was a siamese cat. The father is a solid black cat and the mother is a black and white marbled cat ( sort of looks like a calico without the orange). The litter was a total of 4 kittens...two mostly black cats with white paws and belly, and two siamese looking cats. Is it possible for my kitten to actually be siamese, or did we just luck out and get one that just looks siamese?

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Dec 29, 2019
Mixed Siamese
by: Lynn

Layla sounds beautiful, and her personality sounds like a Siamese. I have seen many mixed Siamese that looks completely like full-blooded Siamese. My email is Email me and send me pictures of her and I will add them to this webpage.


Dec 23, 2019
My chocolate point siamese not siamese
by: Moggy Mommy

My kitty looks just like this. Her name is Layla and I believe she is a chocolate point too. Her litter mate, Leroi is a gorgeous tuxedo Tom. They also seem to have swapped personality. He's loud and talkative while she's very quiet with a cracked meouw that hardly louder than a whisper BUT she's is naughty, playful, inquisitive and greedy. I no longer free feed because she will eat until she vomits so I feed them 3 times a day. Her paws are pink and brown and her eyes totally blue. Can send pic

Nov 12, 2019
by: Anonymous

I just adopted a kitten that looks Siamese. There were two in the litter, plus two black kittens and one striped kitten. I was questioning why a black mother cat could have such a variety of offspring. Now I know! Thanks.

Aug 10, 2019
Me too!!!
by: Shanann

Omg the same thing is happening to me right now the same exact mix you were saying w calico and black I wonder?

Jun 09, 2018
Black daddy/torti e mommy
by: Anonymous

My Ernie had a torti mom and solid black daddy. He looks exactly like a Siamese. He was the only one! His litter mates were tortie and all black. He's gorgeous!

Oct 29, 2015
by: Mary

I got a kitten 2 yrs ago ... and she has all the traits to a Siamese ... I'm just trying to figure out if I got really lucky and got a purebred ... she is very vocal loves me and her daddy... she even plays fetch.. I will try and add a picture if I can. Thankyou

Jul 22, 2014
Not a Siamese, per se
by: Executor

Ratatouille has what's called a colorpoint coat pattern. It's the coat pattern most associated with Siamese cats, though not exclusive to them (or even to cats), and there are other characteristics (slim build, long/pointy facial structure, large ears) inherent to the Siamese breed that she doesn't appear to have.

To elaborate on lozza73, the colorpoint pattern is caused by a recessive gene that results in temperature-sensitive albinism, i.e. the higher the skin temperature at the root of a hair, the less pigmentation it'll have. While in the womb, a kitten's skin temperature is uniform, so colorpoint cats (including Siamese) are born white. Since their noses, ears, and paws are colder than the rest of their body, those areas darken as they get older.

The colorpoint gene is separate from the ones that control the other aspects of coat color, so a colorpoint cat's points won't necessarily be seal, chocolate, or lilac like most Siamese cats. For example, Scootaloo, a kitten I rescued a couple weeks ago, appears to have tortoiseshell points (mostly black, with some very small spots of white/orange), and her right front and left rear paws are pure white. Not only that, she's also a polydactyl with six toes on each front paw and five on each rear paw. Other than the paws and not-quite-all-black points, though, she's pretty much the spitting image of this picture of Ratatouille. :D

Mar 28, 2012
Ratatouille's personality....
by: Nancy G

@ Anonymous

She's 2 yrs old now...she is loveable..but she has a problem with one member of the family. The youngest child (10) seems to be the prey of choice. Ratatouille will stalk her and attack her leg. It's not out of meaness...because the cat also cuddles and snuggles with her.
Ratatouille also loves to talk..she's very vocal with my husband. She's into EVERYTHING...there is no bag or box that comes into this house that she does not inspect thoroughly. All in all I would have to say that she's probably the best cat we've ever had.

Mar 27, 2012
I have a siamese from 2 black/white parents
by: Anonymous

My kitten "Mia" looks just like this kitten. She is 6 weeks old and must be siamese. Her parents are black and white, mainly black. She has 2 other litter mates who are like her and 2 that are black and white. I am certain that it is a gene. What can I expect personality wise? I have heard that Siamese cats are mean. I do not want a mean cat as she is to be my familiar.

Jul 23, 2011
my cat .
by: sara

I got a female cat 2 years ago and she is a striped plain jane cat then she mated with my other striped cat , they had 1 long haired kitten that really looks like the one in the photo above . Then the same female cat mated with a long haired black cat and had one that looks more like a Siamese then the previous one. She has alot of the Siamese qualities. Ive always heard them called a "patch cat" .

May 09, 2011
black cats are siamese cats
by: lozza73


I have just learned that black cats are Siamese cats. I have a siamese tabby and a siamese black cat (brother and sister). I know that their mother was a chocolate seal-point but I had always questioned whether the father was the same or different. But I have been told that all Siamese seal-points are essentially black cats with albinoism but for the albinoism to be present, the kitten needs to inherit it from both parents as it is a recessive gene. It is therefore perfectly plausible that both the tabby and the black cat are part siamese themselves(but with one siamese parent and one moggy parent) but mating together produces seal-point kittens as well as black kittens.

Check out this thread:



Jun 21, 2010
your kitten
by: Lynn

Well she looks Siamese. It is strange that two cats ended up looking like Siamese from two parents that did not look like Siamese.

She seems to have the Siamese genes, however she would not be a full blooded Siamese. That only means that if she was breed with a another Siamese the kittens may not all look like Siamese. But that is only important to a breeder, in your case I would just call her a Siamese. A cat with points and blue eyes MUST carry the Siamese genes even if she is mixed.

You can update me and send me a picture of her at my email address



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