Siamese cats meowing all night

by Karen and James

We have Siamese twin boys (Tom and Jerry) and a local adoptee girl cat (Pinkie). The Siamese are 10 months old and pinkie is around 8 months old and we live in the Philippines.

Tom is driving us mad. He prowles the house and walks round and round the living room meowing soooo loudly, occasionally joined by Jerry. It keeps us awake at night and unfortunately, the neighbors too.
Tom doesn't seem interested in Pinkie but he frequently tries to mount Jerry, biting hard on the back of his neck causing Jerry to howl.
All three cats are super affectionate, don't object to being picked up and will sit with you for hours on end having their bellies tickled. It's just Tom who is so very, very loud and it doesn't just happen at night. It's 24/7.
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Karen and James.

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Apr 24, 2012
Being driven to distraction!!!
by: Anonymous

Haven't had any of them spayed or neutered because the two boys are breeding quality and little Pinkie should have at least one litter before being 'done'.
The vet actually recommended this but if the boys try it on with her, she goes mental. Maybe she is gay??
Jerry doesn't seem too bothered, it's just Tom who prowls around the house letting the neighborhood know he is about....very loudly!
Although they are twins, Tom is becoming much darker than Jerry and is around a kilo heavier, although this is probably because Jerry is such a fussy eater. Fish is very cheap here in Manila and we cook it daily for them but Jerry really has to be in the mood for it, otherwise he sticks to his biscuits and the other two tuck in. However if chicken is on the menu, Jerry is first in the queue!!
I suppose we will just have to put up with it until we find a breeder and the boys can have their fun...then we will pay a visit to the vet and they will exit a few ounces lighter.
Many thanks for the replies.
Oh, I have tried to mail the lady that runs this site, either directly or via a reply to my mail but always get a reply from hotmail postmaster saying 'undeliverable'?? I just wanted to compliment them on the site.

Apr 24, 2012
cats problem
by: Anonymous

They look great all cuddled up together. They must all get on well together.
It does sound a bit like Tom is trying to mate. Are all the cats desexed. My male cat was the same with my female following her around crying and trying to mount her and bitting her neck. I phoned the vet. She said sounds like he is coming on heat. I had them both done. No more problems. If they have all been done you could ring the vet for some advice.
Good luck

Apr 23, 2012
snip snip
by: my2wins

have you got everyone spayed/neutered yet? That would be the first thing you will want to do. It should stop a lot of the shenanigans.

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