Siamese Cats

by Heather
(Rhode Island)

I had two siamese cats. Last Tuesday one of the brothers had to be put two sleep and his brother seems sad. Should I get another siamese cat or leave him alone. PLEASE


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Dec 21, 2011
Lonely Cat
by: Anonymous

I had a similar incident and I did get another kitten to keep the sister company. They are the best friends of all and I don't think they realize they were never real sisters - they are a year apart and are now 5 and 6 years old !! I can't believe it. I found it always difficult when my animals got older and I knew one would be passing sooner than the other. I have always gotten a new kitten for the survivor when that happened and then another kitten when the older cat did pass. I have always had two cats to love and snuggle with the occasional third transitional pussy cat. It just seems to be a balance of love and emotional support for all concerned :) It really is up to you as to whether you are always planning to have a couple of cats in the home :) I found it really helped my older animal with depression... me too :) Best wishes and sorry for your loss. It is always hard, no matter the circumstances.

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