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Sep 12, 2011
Face Biting Kitten
by: Anonymous

I have had cats my whole life also... I find that if you put them under the covers when they have this behavior and snuggle them, they will either relax and sleep or they won't pester you so much :) Either way, its win-win ! Enjoy the attention... they grow out of it and kittens are adorable for only a short time :)

Sep 12, 2011
face biting
by: Michell


LOL! My Siamese used to do that also when he was at that age. It was always in the middle of the night and what ever part of our faces he could get, he would lick or bite. Your cat will grow out of it. I think they do it because they want their favorite person(s) to get up and play. At 1 year of age, my cat will still ocassionally come up and lick my nose or eyes in the night. I'll give him a little attention and then he'll curl up and sleep right by my head.
I'm afraid that if you start feeding your kitty in the night, you are going to create a habit that will be hard to break.

Siamese are such fun cats. Enjoy yours.

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