Siamese keeps being sick

by sarah


My beloved siamese - Vinnie (1 year old) keeps being sick, he is even retching when there is no food in his tummy - to the point he has just brought up blood in his bile. he feels warm to touch and this has only come on today.

Hoping you can offer some advise


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Nov 06, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Nov 09, 2011
It could be many things:
by: Amber E. Denver

Hairballs? Do you feed your absolutely adorable!!!!:) boy something for that?

Has he been tested for FeLV, etc????

Take him to a quality vet to check him out.

My girl got very sick and we were told she had FeLV, but a cruddy vet.. when we saw our regular vet, she said it was just a cold.

being hyperthyroid will also cause a lot of issues, including loud crying a lot.

May 10, 2011
maybe he swallowed something bad
by: angelina diantonio

Get him to a Vet or clinic asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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