siamese kitten mom not siamese

by may

My 1 year almost 2 year old cat (at the time) who is all gray with speckles of orange and white on her had a litter of 3 kittens. I rescued her as a stray and please don't get on my case about not having her spayed, she shouldn't have gotten outside being an indoor cat and accidentally did via a clumsy room mate. Anyway, she had an all white kitten with orange accents on the face and ears with blue eyes (male), an orange kitten (male) slender and mixed with white accents, and a siamese kitten with all the common characteristics of a siamese. (female). Loud and very vocal, dark brownish black her 'points', crystal blue eyes and possessive over me when it comes to being pet and played with. I was wondering if anyone has heard of a siamese being born out of a stray mama with no siamese qualities and no stray siamese in this neighbor hood really.

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Aug 30, 2011
by: Lynn

If you email the pictures I can add them to your page.

Aug 11, 2011
We love pictures.
by: angelina diantonio

Yes, of course different genes can come out for generations just like people.Different characteristics and colorings can come out generations later as well as in the human race. Animals and humans are made the same .

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