Siamese strange urinating behavior

by Linda

I posted months ago about Dexter, my little terrorist blue point Siamese. He hasn't calmed down much at all, but I do think the Feliway did SOME good. I only bleed 3-4 times a week now instead of several times daily ... The one thing that really makes me sad is he is NOT very affectionate. He WILL occasionally lower his standards to sit on my lap and sleep; if I try to move him for any reason, there will be blood. He doesn't sleep with me, which REALLY makes me sad, because one of the reasons I wanted a cat again was to have a cuddle buddy. All my other Siamese were super affectionate. He and Lucas (the old rat terrier) "fight" several times daily; it's all play. Dexter could surgically remove Lucas's eyes if he wanted; he's never left a mark on him. Either one can and does instigate the free-for-all. I was going to separate them in the beginning; now, it's their recreation and they both love it.

The real issue now is this: Since I got him, I noticed he urinates WAY less than any other kittens/cats I've had. It is normal and usual for him to only urinate once in 24 hours! And yes, I am certain. He is indoor-only; I have 3 litter boxes and he has never used two of them. I also have the nose of a bloodhound and trust me, I would KNOW if he was going anywhere but the litter box. The "deposit" is large, and I can hear the stream outside of the room where the litter box is, so there's definitely no blockage.

Today, he set a record even for HIM: 34 full hours between urinations. He was FINE. Active, alert, murderous ... the usual! I KNOW that normally if a cat doesn't urinate -- especially a male -- at the very least every day, there's a serious problem that needs immediate attention. I'm usually incredibly overprotective, and even I didn't get worked up over it, because of his urinary history. He has his first annual checkup on Monday and I've asked the vet to extract urine from his bladder (and no, not to return the torture ...) just to be certain everything's as it should be.

Has anyone else had this anomaly with Siamese? I've researched and found out a few things about them ... like the "wool sucking" behavior (which he does; I even got him a purring "binky" for him to take that particular neurosis out on; he loves it!) which are unusual; just wondering if maybe the bladder the size of a horse is something Siamese are known for? Couldn't find anything on it online; figured someone here might be in the know. I guess I'll find out Monday if there's any problem, but I don't expect there to be. It's just ... WEIRD. One other thing: He hasn't yet come into his Siamese voice (in fact, rarely meows) yet; he's about 11 months old. Should I still expect it to appear sometime? Really grateful for any info I might get here. Thanks!

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Aug 23, 2021
cat behaviour NEW
by: Lesley Dempsey

Hi I have 2 siamese 1 male & 1 female. They dont urinate much at all Just once or twice a day.

Regarding "Voice" he is much quieter than her.
Its her that screeches in the evening.
He just growls a reply (bit like humans!)

Oct 03, 2020
Cat urination
by: Lynn

Hi Linda,
From my understanding, when a cat urinates more often than normal is usually a sign of an infection. It is strange that he only pees around once a day, which also does not seem normal.

After one of my cats came up with a blockage from drinking tap water, which has a lot of lime in it, I started giving them only distilled water. Also, I use a fountain and they love it. The fountain creates running water that entices them to drink more water.

The thing about his voice. I once took in a homeless Seal Point Siamese. She went from being totally outdoors to indoors, which she was very unhappy about. She never became very affectionate. Though she seemed to have a sweet personality. She never had the Siamese voice, but a soft meow.

Let me know how it goes. I hope he is fine and just has a larger than the normal bladder.

Your Dexter boy is also very young and very playful. Is he neutered? Or do you plan on getting him neutered?

Here is the cat fountain I bought, they all love it.

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