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Jan 19, 2013
Both my cats love under the beds.
by: angelina diantonio

I love to sleep with my cats.They both also love to sleep under our beds.Put a cat bed,pillow or folded blanket under the bed for a nice little area for the cat.Mine love to sleep under the bed and with us.

Jan 19, 2013
leaving shy siamese year oldwhen on holidays.
by: jan. lukies

ialso have a shy siamesecat she is 12 months old and quite settled with me but she always hides when we have visiters and we could not get her into her carrier to take her to the vet when the vet came it took us a long time for us to catch her my main concern is having to go to my family in queensland for three weeks in november how will i socialize her before this??looking forward to your reply i have just found site i l
ive in melbourn vic. australia expire
thank you from jan and daraw1th best wishes

Jan 12, 2012
Re: Kitten shy
by: Anonymous

He has already all vaccinations, was neutered, got checked for leukemia and all other tests so I know that he is fine. He also uses his litterbox so I am pretty happy but he is still a little shy. Now he is hiding under the bed, but yesterday he was very confident. So I don't know. Should he sleep with us in the bed? Thats what he wants and otherwise he cries and tries to find a way to come and lay down next to me.
My husband is afraid that the cat will get too much used to it.

Jan 12, 2012
Kitten Shy
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Your kitten will be very frightened and confused initially, but remember cats are really very sturdy little animals and great survivors. In about a week's time when he is more relaxed and trusting believe me, he will eat. Try him with a few little chopped up pieces of fish or chicken, that will get him going, he is a bit young for dried food, maybe some nice kitten tasty food and small amounts of water. If he has been taken from his mother too soon, he won't really know aobut the cat litter, so you will need to help him, but he should be ok. He will do very well. Bring him to the vet and have him flead and checked out for worms, if you haven't already done that. Be confident, all will work out and you will have a great little companion.

Best wishes,

Beatrice from Co. Wicklow in Ireland.

Jan 12, 2012
Siames boy
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for your responses.

My kitten is only 12 weeks old and he started getting more confident yesterday and also wanted to sleep in our bed. My husband wasn't very happy about it and my husband was also scared to hurt him while sleeping. SO the cat was crying until he jumped on our bed from behind it so that my husband didn't see him and layed next to me the whole night and stayed quiet. I don't know - should I allow him to sleep with us in bed? My husband doesn't want him to get used to sleep in the bed. I guess he will be ok if the cat sleeps on the bottom of the bed. I imagine that the cat wants to be close to me as a baby.
TOday he is hiding under the bed and just looks out from time to time.
I don't know what to do?
He is already great and uses his litterbow like a big boy.

thanks in advance fr your help

Jan 12, 2012
You have a new baby !!!
by: angelina diantonio

Remember a kitten is just like a newborn baby.The kitten has been taken from its mother.Give lots of love,comfort and 24 hour attention. Do you have a warm,little cozy blanket or pillow for him?A small cat bed to snuggle in or a warm baby blanket?My cats love boxes.Cut the lid off a box and put a warm little blanket or soft towel in.Keep us posted with stories and pictures!!!!

Jan 12, 2012
Lots of Love
by: Kate

Your new kitten sounds very sweet. How long have you had him? I'd be concerned about his not eating if it goes on for more than a couple of days, but most of all, I'd just be patient with him. He's so young and a change of family like this is a huge thing for him. My Siamese girl was a rescue, actually she was feral and starving and only 8 weeks old. I had to have buckets of patience with her. Now she's six months old and easily the best, most affectionate cat I've had.

If it's your first kitten, I totally understand how unnerving it can be. Trust your instincts. Give him lots of love, treats and tempting food. Keep showing him the litter box after he eats and he'll catch on fast. Siamese are very smart. Most of all, give him love and he'll want to do what you ask him to, and he'll begin to feel more comfortable in your home.

Good luck with your new baby!

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