by Whitney

I recently adopted a brother and sister named Romeo and Juliet. They are wonderful, five year old Siamese beauties. I love them and an excited to have them in my life. The little girl is very good about sleeping at night and be respectful if she is awake. Romeo on the other hand does not want to sleep at night. I usually play with them before through out the evening, but they get tired and stop playing. I feed them before bed at night hoping eating will give a full tummy and they will want to sleep for awhile. Romeo is very vocal, which is fine but the minute I fall asleep he is in my face meowing and wanting to wake me up. I pet him and try to get him to calm down but each time I fall back asleep he does it again. I don't know what to do but I do know I need a few more hours of sleep each night. I know cats are cats and Siamese are very much night prowlers. I am so happy to have them in my life but am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what I can do. Any advice would be great.

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Jan 02, 2012
I have a Romeo and Rosabella
by: angelina diantonio

Ahhh congrats.Beautiful names and am so happy you all found each other.Do not worry just give your family time.Everyone will get into your schedule in time. Sometimes mine are up at night and go downsatairs and play.Most nights they settle in with me and we all sleep together.You will al get a schedule down the road.

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