Snuffly breathing

by JJ

I have adopted a 8 yr old siamese.

The previous owner said she has a stomach ulcer and we are having to feed her small amounts of food four times a day otherwise she will vomit yellow bile, this can happen up to four times a day.

She also has very wheezy breathing, she sounds like she has a permenant cold although there are no other symptoms of cold/cat flu, the previous owner says she has always been snuffly and wheezy and the vet told him this was because she contracted cat flu at some point in the past (the previous owner had her from rescue)

She has been under recent vet treatment for the ulcer with the previous owner, i phoned them to change over details and they told me there were no illnesses or long term issues with the cats health, so the vet was obviously unconcerned about her breathing. I'm still waiting for them to transfer her notes over but they werent too concerned about her health, and the only issue seemed to be the ulcer which would get better in time.

Has anyone heard of previous cat flu causing long term snuffly, wheezy breathing?

Also is there anything we can do to improve the ulcer? I am mashing her meat up fine and adding water to make it mushy, she eats small amounts four times a day, the vet thinks the ulcer was caused by stress as she was a breeding cat kept locked up in a room for seven years then rehomed twice. We have tried hills food for sensitive stomachs but she wont eat it, right now she is on normal canned cat meat mashed up fine.



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Sep 22, 2016
Very good article NEW
by: Sally

You will have it if it belongs to you

Nov 06, 2015
good post NEW
by: Anonymous

Oh these kittens are adorable. My nephew was born on friday 13th and he is absolutely ok and cool.

Aug 10, 2015
Snuffly breathing NEW
by: Joseph Patrick

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Nov 08, 2011
Hi !
by: angelina diantonio

My baby ,Marchella ,had asthma. I had rescued she and her sister from an unbearable situation. The previous owner who was abusing them smoked in the house. Marchella had bad asthma for a while. As I had her it seemed to improve over time. No one is allowed to smoke in my house. If they smoke outside make sure they wash really well and change their clothes. The smoke contaminates everyone and everything they come in contact with. Nasty Habit !!!After I rescued them they were very sick and only weighed 1 pound or so each.Took time but within months were healthy and running around like kittens !!!!

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