Soon I will have to say Goodbye to My 12 yr old Baby girl

by Andria
(Clearwater, Fl)

When my Son was about 11 he brought this darling little baby home. I was shocked to see that she was Siamese.

A lady in our apartment complex was giving away free kittens and this was the only kitten from the litter that looked like her.
It was if God had listened and gave her to me. I had been wanting a Siamese cat for awile. I had already owned a half siamese, he is tiger striped with the gorgeous blue eyes.
When I saw this little kitten I couldnt put her down. We decided to name her, Sky. we soon learned that she played fetch and went crazy when you wadded up paper and threw it. She would run and get it and jump on the bed to bring right back. It was hilarious and people were amazed to see it.
Sky got me through many rough times just being bu my side and her purring would put me to sleep everynight. I went through the empty nest syndrome when my Son moved out and had kids of his own. Hes now 23.
I held on tight to my Sky even more after my Son was gone and living his life.
About three weeks ago Sky got out of my apartment Im not sure how she did this. . .I live on the second floor. I wandered around the neighborhood all night long looking for her. All I could do was cry and walk. I went to the pound and she wasnt there. I asked neighbors and they had not seen her. I posted flyers with a reward and when I was hanging the last poster (in our mail room) there was another poster that read,"Found Cat, fat or pregnant." Black and tan. I knew someone could mistake the deep choclate for black. and the fat part sounded like my Sky. I called the number and left a message and told the lady my apt. number. About 15 minutes later she was knocking on my door and I showed her a picture of my Sky. She said that was her. I was so happy, so so so happy. I got her back and paid the reward.
It was like I had gotten her for the first time. I couldnt put her down, couldnt stop hugging her, couldnt stop kissing her. A close call. . .
Last Saturday Sky came into the bedroom and I knew something wasnt right. she circled around and put hung her head to the floor. I got up and got her. Her eyes were spinning as if she were dizzy. She acted like she couldnt see me, her pupils were huge and glazed over. I wasnt sure what to do. My intial thought was that she had been poisioned, that somehow she ate or licked up something that was toxic. I took her to her water bowl and cleaned it out and pured in fresh bottled water. She didnt want any but then staggered over to her food bowl and started eating. I thought that was the strangest thing because most animals will not eat if something is making them sick or if something is wrong. So I thought it couldnt be that bad if she was eating. I kept a close eye on her everday. she would get better and then worse. Staggering, lethargic, eyes glazed, couldnt see hardly anything. I took her to the vet on Wedseday because it was clear she wasnt getting better.
He did a physical exam, a heartworm test, and complete bloodwork. He called me to say he found nothing. At this point Sky was not walking and had 2 seizures. She would fall over on her side and her legs would stick straight out. The seizures would last but 20 seconds but they were terrifying to watch.
The vet said he could send me to a specialist that would do a MRI on her. Three thousand dollars. . .
I was laid off on Feb 3 and this was not an option. I did research after research on the internet and everything pointed to brain tumors/neuological problems. One lady had said she spent 2800 and still didnt know what was wrong with her cat.
In the meantime the Dr. has prescribed pretizone and said it will help but it will only be temporary. The pretizone relieves swelling if there are tumors, but after awhile it will no longer be effective. She seems to be doing a little better. . . she is no longer staggering, but barely moves. She does not jump on anything anymore, will not come to me, has stopped purring and just stares blankly most of the time. She is eating a little and drinking water but when I hold her I can not turn her on her back or she will start to have a seizure.
Its at this point that Im asking myself, am I doing this for Sky or am I doing this for myself. Because I cant let go. I even went on the, ask a vet site "PetMD" and paid 18.00 for a 2nd opinion. He said eveything points to brain tumors.
Im so heartbroke and torn to pieces . . .I cant imagine waking up and not seeing her gorgeous blue eyes. It is already killing me that she has stopped purring. I look at her and my Sky has diminished. . .she is not the same. I dont want her to suffer.
When I give her the pretizone I wonder if she thinks its me making her sick with these things I keep shoving down her throat. I also wonder if she got out somehow 3 weeks ago because she knew she was dying. Im sorry I know this is a horrible thing to read. . .If your still reading- thank you. I know one thing. . Im hooked on the breed for life. I had wanted to breed her but she had a uterous infection when she was about 2 yrs old and they removed all her female parts. I have always been a cat person and have always had a cat. I've always said I will never be without a cat in my home, I now have to change that to, "I will never be without a siamese cat in my home." As I type this she is laying behind my computer chair. . .balled up. I dont know how many days I have left with her. . . but will cherish every single one and thank God that I had 12 years with her.

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Mar 03, 2012
Update on Sky NEW
by: Andria

I know now that Sky is not going to recover. She is on Prednisone and when that becomes in-effective and she becomes worse, I will have to have her put to sleep. She has diminished so much already and only comes out of the closet when she eats and to use the litter box.. . . She wont lay on the bed anymore with me she gets aggitated and starts whipping around her tail and just wants down, to go back in the closet. I really have already lost most of her. This whole process has been slow and very painful.One of my friends told me I should just go ahead and put her to sleep, but I dont think its time yet. When she gets worse I will but I dont think its time yet.

Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

How is she , ? Did she recover ?

Feb 15, 2012
Im sorry NEW
by: Nancy

I feel so bad for you and your little girl. Is there any way she possibly could have sustained a head injury while out roaming? I hope she can recover and that you two will have many more years together. Btw she looks identical to my boy Chocwa, fur and all!

Feb 14, 2012
Thank You Beatrice
by: Andria

Hello Beatrice and thanks so much for your comments. Today sky jumped up on the bed for the first time since this all started. I am still giving the 5 MG of Prednisone every 12 hours. I had it spelled all wrong in my initial posting. Sky is more alert,purring, groomimg and grooming me. . . lol
I love this site, I just got finished reading the articles about The Siamese history. I find it very interesting and Donna Arnold said it best when she said, "Once you have been ’owned’ by a Siamese you would not wish for any other cat."
I had to laugh when I saw this because that is exactly the way I feel. Thanks agin for your comments and they story of you and your boy. How blessed!!! He went from 3 yrs to 11 years. I hope you atleast have another 11 years with him.
Thanks so much,


Feb 13, 2012
by: Beatrice

Oh dear, I am crying as I am reading this. It is truly so sad. It is difficult when an animal suffers, but if you can keep doing what you are doing, then each day is a bonus.

Many years ago, my Lilac Blue Burmese boy got away for 9 days. When he came back he couldn't breath. I took him to the vet who sent him to the University Veterinary hospital. He was there for weeks and 2,500 Euros later, he was let out. I was told that he had renal failure and respiratory problems and that it was only a matter of time. He was 3 years of age. Well he is now 11 years of age and I have just loved him to bits all these years and I think that is what pulled him through. Cats, at least pedigrees, can live up to 18 years and longer, so all you can do is your best and keep giving him all the love and security he wants. Maybe there is some pathological problem and that is why he left as he didn't want you to be around and to see him when he is ill. Isn't it great that you got him back? My advice is to keep him in, feed him well and give him all the love in the world and after that it is in the lap of the Gods. Cats are great survivors.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 12, 2012
Thanks so much
by: Andria

Thanks so much for the replies and prayers. It really helps me to communicate with people who understand the depth of love we have for our babies, that is what my Sky is to me, she is my baby. I’m happy to hear that someone was able to keep her baby happy and healthy for two years using Pretizone. I will contact her and ask what else she did. Thank YOU so much for that info.
From what I understand it varies from cat to cat, some may last 6 months while others last longer or even a shorter period of time.
The vet tech said her past cat lasted 6 months and it had lymphoma . . . I’m not sure if I spelled that right. I prayed last night for her and today Sky was ok considering. I actually heard her purring when I woke up and was so happy I cried. She licked my hand for a long, long time and I think she knows how much I love her.
Thanks again for all the replies and please keep sky in your prayers.


Feb 12, 2012
So sad...
by: Amy F.

Oh Andria, I am crying as I read this! I am so very sorry you are going through this! We have 3 Siamese and they are our children! I dread the day something ever happens to any of them...I also won't know what to do! But I have to say that I am a big believer of not letting an animal suffer, no matter how hard it might be to say goodbye. The day will come when you'll know... I will say a prayer for you and your precious kitty!

Feb 12, 2012
You are all in my prayers.
by: angelina diantonio

I lost both my babies a year and a half ago.I was lucky and they guided me to my new babies.I am praying for you all.The hurt is so unbearable.Keep us posted.

Feb 12, 2012
I am so sorry
by: Lynn

I am so sorry about you precious baby girl. Will you please contact this person...

Her name is Meg

her email is:

This sounds like something she went through with one of her cats. But she kept her cat happy and healthy for many years with the type of medication you are giving your kitty.

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