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Spay Incision Question

by my2wins
(San Carlos, CA, USA)

Zoey and Christopher_25 weeks

Zoey and Christopher_25 weeks

My little girl Zoey got spayed yesterday, and her incision is about 2 inches long. I was surprised at how long it is. Is this normal?

Here are recent pictures of her and her twin brother: They are now 25 weeks old, Lynx point, and were former feral kittens adopted in Dec 2011 at 8 weeks.

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Apr 03, 2012
Spay incision ?
by: Beatrice

Your cats look so content and what lovely colours. Yes the scar post spay is very long, my Siamese had a long scar down your mid-line.

Beatrice from Ireland

Apr 03, 2012
by: Anonymous

Glad to hear your cat is doing well after the operation. I have a male and female. I had the male spayed about six weeks ago. He came home and with in hours was running around like notthing had happened. I had my female done a little later than the male for the same reasons. I found the female a little more scary with the large lump and the scar size. She kept trying to get to the stiches so she had to were a cone collar. She hated the cone. I took a week off work with her too. When I told my vet that I was a bit more worried about getting the female done she asured me that it was an operation she has done hundreds of times and not to worry. Still I am so glad I had it done now as I have read it can help prevent female cats from some cancers and other illness.

Apr 03, 2012
by: my2wins

thank you both so much. Coincidentally a lump formed today and I recalled that you said not to worry. Because she vomited today, i took her in for a check up, and she was fine and the vet said her incision is healing well. (I would never have thought so with the hard bump, but glad to have heard your experience).

Her litter mate / twin is a boy. They would be identical except for gender. He was fixed about a month and a half ago. I wanted to wait till she was as big as possible since the procedure is so invasive. Its been harder than I expected to look after her. I even took a week off work for "spring break," timed to stay home and nurse her (and keep her brother from rough-housing too much!)

Thanks again!

Apr 01, 2012
spaying scar
by: Anonymous

Your cats are lovely. They look so cute cuddled up together. The picture of them looking out the window together is cute too. I have a female seal point she was spayed last year. I also was shocked at the size of the wound. As it was healling a really large lump came up around the wound. I was so scared I rang the vets and they said this is quite normal and not to worry. After a couple of weeks the lump went down and it all started to heal up nicely. Her fur has now grown back and I cant even see where the wound was anymore. Just try not to let her lick it or pull on the stiches too much until the stiches are removed. Is your other cat a male or female.

Apr 01, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yes, it is normal to have an incision that size. And don't be surprised if it feels like there is a hard bump under the surface. It is from extra stitches under the skin which will dissolve over time.

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