Squire Pudda

by Rebecca
(Bunbury West Australia)

When the sudden death of my previous cat left me heartbroken, my husband organised to visit a blue point breeder as a present for my birthday. Entering the cattery..tuere were dozens of kittens of varying ages. I picked up the cutest little girl. She meowed, wriggled and squirmed til I put her down. My husband suggested we choose the kitten that came to us first...meaning the kitten chose us in fact. Whereupon the tiniest, gangliest, alien looking, radar dish eared kitten pattered over to us, plonked down, looked at me and gave a pronounced meow. Taken aback I stated we couldnt take such an ugly cat. Im so glad my husband made me take home Squire Pudda because hes an absolute champion!!!!

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May 08, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

Please post a picture. I love stories like this. I rescued 2 of the srawniest, mangled and beaten cats of the group. After a little TLC and about 6 months of patience we were the best of friends for 10 healthy years. Copy and post : https://www.we-are-siamese.com/my-cat-journey-.html

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