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Dec 30, 2011
I have the same issue!
by: Anonymous

I to also have a siamese cat that is a stray, I found him digging up my dog food from my deck and realized that he was starving. I started feeding him and it was going ok until he tried to attack my cat, and would hiss everytime I brought his food out. So I stopped feeding him for a while till he was getting too skinny and I felt terrible. He had also made himself a bed under my patio :( So I again started to feed him, and my darling daughter made a home for him on our deck with a cardboard box and her old pillows. He started sleeping upstairs on the deck, and eventually I allowed my daughter to try to pet him, so she sat on the floor and fed him, he eventually let her pet him, so I then did the same. He is now very loving and doesn't hiss, but still very scared. I haven't allowed him in the house yet, but my husband built a house for him with that is all carpeted. My concern about inviting him in, is with my littlest girl and that he isn't fixed. So eventually I will catch him and take him down to the vet. Then I hope maybe once he is checked out and shots, I will feel safe about having him indoors. So if anyone has young children, pls let me know how they are with them?

Nov 03, 2011
scaredy stray
by: Anonymous

I have only been a siamese cat owner for 5 years but I can say my little girl is still skiddie. We got her as a kitten and this appears to be the Siamese personality. It sounds like your little stray may have been injured by a car or a person and is willing to try to trust you. I would give it a lot of patience and maybe there's a way you can "tranq" his food for a vet visit. Shots will be important as you do not want your inside cat to be unprotected from sickness. I think patience and love will win over your stray. I talk softly to my cats all the time. I have a Burmese also. She has tempered my Siamese as they are opposite personalities. They are awesome "sisters". I find my Siamese runs easily with noises and startles but if I sit down, she's on my lap within seconds and happy and calm. The only noise she doesn't mind, is the electrolux canister vacuum weird is that! Good luck and thank goodness for you, you are a cat guardian :)

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