Surface Preference

surface preference

Cats develop a certain surface preference for a particular type of texture on which they like to eliminate.

Your cat might have litter box problems if:

• She prefers a particular texture such as a soft surfaces like clothing, carpeting, and bedding, or hard surfaces such as tile, sinks, bathtubs, and cement.

What to do – If you have recently change the type of cat litter, the texture might be different. Go back to the type of litter that your cat has been using. If your cat has been eliminating on soft surfaces, try using a finer grain cat litter of higher quality. If your cat prefers solid surfaces she may not like the depth of the litter. Put just a thin layer of litter on one side of the box and leave the other end bare, and put the litter box on a hard floor.

If your cat prefers a certain area, first thoroughly clean the area, than discourage your cat from using the area by covering it with upside down carpet runner or aluminum foil. Cats are offended by strong scents, if you place cotton balls scented with citrus over the area it will detour your cat from eliminating in the preferred area.

• Your cat may have a particular preference for a surface if she was previously an outdoor cat and prefers to eliminate on grass or soil.

What to do – If your cat is use to eliminating outside add some soil or sod to the litter box.

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