The Adventures of Simon

by Meg
(Tallahassee, Florida)



Simon found me over two years ago wandering around my apartment complex. As each day passed, I watched this cat "looking lost". Since I have 4 indoor only senior cats, I definitely wasn't looking for another one. I, of course, started to feed him and within 3 days, Simon decided I was the one for him. However, my indoor cats, wanted nothing to do with him. One of my cats would try to attack him through my screened-in porch. I put up signs to try and find Simon a good home. At this point, I was very attached to this sweet, loving cat. I bought one of those plastic dog houses and put it outside my door. Simon loved it! A few people came to meet Simon but in the end, I realized, I didn't want to let him go.

Through lots of fights with my 4 other cats and Simon spraying my couch repeatedly to mark his territory, he has become an indoor/outdoor cat. I tried to keep him indoors but since Simon was found outside, I couldn't completely change his ways. This beautiful cat has a distinct personality and when he wants something, he gets it(unfortunately, that includes lizards, squirrels and most recently snakes!). He's got the biggest bells on his collar but "smart" Simon has learned to move without making a sound. We have also taken many trips to the vet(and vet emergency clinic) due to Simon's need to protect his territory from other cats. :)
Simon makes me laugh and is the topic of many conversations with other people. I'm glad he found me.
By the way, my cat(Cooper), the one who wanted to attack Simon through my screened-in porch, has decided Simon is the best cat in the world!

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Feb 29, 2012
No stone un turned
by: Anonymous

My sister and mom wanted a cat and they wanted to get a rescue which is usually a good place to start. So they went to the shelter. At first they wanted a Dog. BooooooooI have owned cats all my life. So while at the shelter all the Dogs they want turn out to be sick in some way.
So not wanting to leave without a pet my sister decided finally she wants a cat which is what she wanted to start with. They were going to get a lap dog for my nephew but fate has a different story to tell. They walked past all the cages and didn't see any cats they wanted and as they were leaving they passed the first cage they looked in and a kitten cam running from the little kennel in the back of the cage screaming. Like he was saying take me or save me. Lol. He looked like a rag doll. I told my sister cats always choose their owners. In this case their home. Our family loves cats. I think we have only one traitor in the family. Lol
Anyway turns out after his vet visit, he is healthy and is a Siamese. We named him mishu.
What a smart intelligent and fun cat. By far of all the cats I have owned he has a mega personality.

Sep 07, 2011
My Siamese kitty
by: Yvonne

My Siamese cat named kitty, is adorable she was about to be put to sleep at a shelter here in Miami when a friend of mine rescued her, I later learned she was a mama cat of 5 kittens...but noone wanted mama cat.. So my friend being an Animal foster parent ( showed me kitty and instantly fell in love with her. She is playful non agressive, and even plays hide and seek with me. Kitty has feline leukemia and therefore cannot be around other cats so I heard.. I love my Siamese and would never give her up I am going out of town in a week and I am dreading not being Ble to take her...... And this is my cat story...

Nov 16, 2010
My cat
by: T.E.K.S

I have a cat. His name is Thai as in Thailand. He is technically my sisters, but she never spends any time with him and he sometimes follows me around the whole day. I love him sooo much. When I come home from school he cries until I pick him up, then he stays on my shoulder for a while. he is of course a Siamese, an applehead to be specific. He is actually very thin and fast. Even though this site says that Siamese cats like to stay indoors Thai escapes every chance he gets. We never worry though, he always comes back when it gets cold or when he gets bored. And thats my cat Thai.

Nov 13, 2010
by: tommie

My husband found a siamese cat at work his mom died and he was only 5 weeks old then. His name is mickey and he is my cat he loves only me. so it true you dont pick the cat the cat picks you

Sep 04, 2009
Lucky Simon and Meg
by: Annet

Nice story, indeed cats choose their owner, and they make always the right decision! Especially siamese! I hope you may keep Simon for years and have much fun with him!

Aug 23, 2009
Lucky Simon
by: April

What a lucky cat to find Meg is all I can say! And I think he knows it and that's why he brings so many "gifts" to her door. :)

Aug 22, 2009
The Adventures of Simon

Meg, was my very first visitor to contact me through my website. We have exchanged many cat stories for over a year (some funny... some sad). I am so proud for Simon to have his own page.


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