Things to really entertain my Siamese

by Kelly
(Moundsville, WV)

I have my first Siamese. He is just wonderful. I have had cats all of my life. I can tell he is very smart. He is also very active. I think however that he is getting bored with his favorite things to do. It seems like he needs "something more". He has a plastic ball that he loves. He loves to steal dog food and play with it. He also loves straws. He has a whole basket full of neat things. He also has tunnels and tents but he just seems like he is getting bored with his "stuff". What other things would stimulate him. I don't want him to be bored. He even tries to play with the dogs (we have a boxer and a chihuahua).

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks so much.

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Aug 05, 2011
Stalking games - The Bird Cat Toy rocks
by: Yogadragon

There's a cat toy out there called called the Bird. It's essentially a flexible stick with a string on one end attached to a feather tuft (real feathers). The thing sounds like wings flapping when you whip it through the air. My Siamese Kublai Khan loves this thing. I've had to buy replacement feather bunches to keep him supplied b/c he systematically destroys it. You'll need an open area in the house to play in. Khan makes flying leaps to 'kill' the bird. (4 ft verticals on occasion!). Cats love to stalk so laser toys are good too. CAUTION: 1) In laser play it is critical you avoid shining it in their precious eyes. 2) If you play stalking games do NOT frustrate your cat by never allowing them to catch/kill their prey. Cats naturally want to hunt and will become disillusioned/tortured if they never catch the prey. 3) My babies are like people, they bloom in positive reinforcement. Praise their hunting prowess. They'll revel in it!

Jul 16, 2011
more toys
by: Bek (Bunbury)

If you have the space it sounds like your siamese is needing a friend....maybe think about getting him a playmate :)

May 21, 2011
Siamese are the most intelligent cats !!!!
by: Angelina

My male, Romeo, opens and shuts doors . He sits at my desk and goes through all my organizers. He opens all the drawers on my desk and takes items out.He loves to rip my wall stickers and borders off my walls. My female, Rosabella follows his lead but watches for me to say NO !!!!Both are fantastic with my 1 and 3 year olds. They love us and we all make a wonderful family . As for toys , mine love all my babies stuffed animals and balls. I get the ones that they can get their nails in and toss around.

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