This is my sweet Jazz Boy

by Trish
(Ruidoso, NM USA)

I live and work in a Southeastern New Mexico Mountain Resort community. Late last summer while doing my work, I found myself being greeted by a litter of kittens under a wooden deck. Most of the kittens avoided any contact with me, except Jazz. He delighted in playing with my shoe strings, and following me around while I worked. I finished the job and left the area, but I could not get that beautiful kitten out of my mind. I had just lost my beloved dog of 15 years only 3 months before! I certainly was not looking for another pet. My heart was still broken. My whole work day passed, and I found myself at the store purchasing, kitten chow, a litter box, and cat toys, hoping he would still be there when I returned. I knew his mother was a ferral cat, as I had seen her before. When I returned to the deck...there he was, as if he had never left. Waiting for me. My husband have enjoyed him for a full year now, and he has become the love of our lives. Jazz is very loving, energetic, talkative, and demanding. Sweet Music to both of us!!

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Jul 01, 2012
Diet for longevity
by: My2wins

He is gorgeous. Please look into wet food. He will live a longer healthier life. More info on optimal diet can be found on and there's a tab on the we-are-Siamese home page too. Raw diets are best, but canned/wet is next best. Dry diets will create many medical issues over time, especially for male cars who are prone to urinary issues. He's a special cat. Mine lived to 21 and looked a lot like yours. Best of luck to you with this little godsend. He's a gift to cherish.

Jul 01, 2012
Jazz Boy
by: Trish

Thank you Beatrice, He is beautiful. No, he is not pure bred. His mother was a stray, she looked Calico, she had 4 kittens, 2 white ones with siamese markings, Jazz which was more sable colored and point markings, and an adorable fuzzy black and white! I imagine that whoever is Jazz's father is a beautiful male. I hope he is not a stray also. Jazz has all the signs of an Apple Head, he even has the crook at the end of his tail. Yes I was very fortunate to find him. A Higher Power sometimes hands us a gift, and all we have to do is accept it, and care for it.

Jul 01, 2012
Jazz Boy
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

I think that it is amazing that you came across this beautiful cat just like that. To purchase a cat like Jazz Boy would cost a fortune here, they are not that common. How could people abandon such beautiful animals! I'm glad that you found each other, he looks very happy and content. Is he a pure bred Siamese?

Kind regards,

Beatrice from county Wicklow in Ireland.

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