Tippy Mae Bass

by Leslie K Bass
(Charleston,SC, USA)

Tippy Mae in her box

Tippy Mae in her box

Our Tippy Mae came into our life in a very strange way.My husband who has never been a cat person told me one morning on the phone that there was a Momma cat and her kittens hanging around the back of his Upholstery shop and he wanted me to stop and pick up food for them.Well over a corse of a year we worked with Tippy and tamed her out(not before she got with 6 kittens) soon as the kittens were big enough to take from her i took her to the local SPCA ,and had her fixed.They were all shocked how sweet she is and how well she did being she was once a wild cat.She now goes to the salon and has her nails done, ears cleaned.She would rather i wash her face at night,so i do. She also gets along great with our 2 Mini Dachshunds,she loves to play with the male,and chase him.

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Oct 27, 2015
by: http://pinkelstar.com/

They melted the heart of your husband for sure and for good))) How the thing are going on now?Is he still captured by them into admiration?

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