Tortie point Siamese cat

Will these be her permanent markings?

Will these be her permanent markings?

I received a seal point siamese kitten for Christmas. She is 9 weeks old. Part of her nose is pink, and she doesn't have the markings of a seal point. Is this because she is still very young, and the true markings of a siamese will come later?

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Jun 10, 2011
Updated picture of Milana
by: Lynn

She still looks like a Tortie. You asked: "Do you feel that she is cross-eyed? She tends to look cross-eyed, but not all the time."

That is hard to tell also. Especially sense you said she doesn't look like that all the time. Crossed-eyes is also a Siamese trait. They have tried to breed that trait out of them, but it still shows up in some Siamese.

Feb 13, 2011
Pink Nose on a Chocolate Point Siamese
by: Laurel

I have a chocolate point siamese female who is now 3 years old. When we got her from the breeder, she had all of her chocolate points. When she was about 4 months old, her nose felt turned pink and her ears have spots of white fur and around her eyes it looks like she uses link eye liner. We are completely confused by her... we think her momma went out catting... :) Any ideas?

Dec 31, 2010
Thank you!
by: Linda

Thank you for your information! I am very happy to know that she takes on the characteristics of a Seal Tortie Siamese. I can't wait until her markings fully show through. She is so active, funny, and reminds me of a little monkey! She attacks everything that moves! She already has a lot of personality. Her coat is starting to get darker. We named her Milana. I will follow up with new pictures of her as she gets older!
Thank you again,

Dec 28, 2010
Beautiful !
by: angelina diantonio

Keep us updated with pictures.You have a real gem on your hands.

Dec 28, 2010
by: Caroline (UK)

I forgot to say that her body coloring may actually get lighter. Here's what the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK have to say about seal tortie point Siamese:

Seal Tortie
Points: Seal brown with shades of red
Body: Cream. In kittens the body colour may be muddy fawn

Dec 28, 2010
A tortie point
by: Caroline (UK)

I agree with Lynn, she looks like a seal tortie point to me, too. They are known as Colorpoints in the US, but here in the UK they are classified as tortie point Siamese. The seal coloring takes longer to come through than lighter colors, and she may continue to darken for another three or four weeks yet.

She's a real little cutie. Torties are quite rare, so you are lucky to have her! I'd also be fascinated to see how she develops.

Dec 27, 2010
Tortie Point
by: Lynn

I think your kitten might be a Seal Tortie Point Shorthair. Which makes her much rarer than a typical Seal Point Siamese. Basically you have the calico version of a Siamese, and they can only be female.

Here is my page on Colorpoint Shorthairs, scroll down and you will see the paragraphs on the Tortie.

Also here are more images from Google on Tortie Points.

I would love to see more pictures as she gets older. Her markings will become more prominent as she becomes an adult.

Anytime you want to send more you can attach them to my email at and I can add them to this page.

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