Totally Anti Social Siamese Cats.

by Janet
(North Carolina)

Kizzy and Kanji

Kizzy and Kanji

I acquired two of my Siamese from a reputable breeder after the loss of my 17 yo Seal Point, Sammy. He had these two brothers and said that though he handled them regularly as kittens they were a tad standoffish and if I would take them both I could have them. They act feral. after 3 years I can touch one, only in the mornings and the other will sniff my finger. We have given them toys love and treats galore but they neither seem to want or enjoy interacting with me or my husband. Could this be genetic or what? The breeder bred their parents again and got two kittens almost as antisocial as the ones I have; although he was able to place them and says that while not overly affectionate can be touched. He said the parents are this way as well. I am curious if genetics is the cause of this and what if anything will help this situation and would any offspring from these parents create unfriendly kittens no matter the age they are acquired?

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Oct 10, 2016
Aggressive kitten
by: Lois

We rescued a part Siamese kitten @ 10 days old. Bottle fed, handled carefully, & had hopes for a well adjusted member of our feline family of four. He is very aggressive with all the others, constantly chasing & biting them & not in a playfull manner. He has now started hissing & swatting at our hands when we reprimand bad behaviour. I try to use toys to deflect the aggression but I end up with bleeding arms/hands. It's almost like a Jeckell & Hyde personality. I would hate to give up on him but 15+ years of aggression is not something I look forward to & neither are the 4-footed residents.

Apr 02, 2011
I rescue abused cats
by: angelina diantonio

This sounds like they were abused.I rescued two severly abused kittens and it took us years to get to the point where I could hold them.My one was kicked so many times in the stomach that after 10 years she was still in pain if you picked her up certain ways.They were the loves of my life.Saved me many times over.Read my story.

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