by Tracey Hunt

Hi I have two siamese brothers Ramesis and Osiris (both nutered) aged 6 previously very affectionate and gentle. two days age we purchased an 8 week old male kitten. Osiris has already accepted the kitten. Ramesis the more dominant cat is extremely distressed. We have put the kitten in a separate room. but Ramesis just prowls around the house growling and spitting at(especially if they have handled the kitten) family members. He just wants to go out into the garden where we have a summer house. If we trap him in doors he becomes even more aggressive. We need some advice on how to reassure him that he is still loved and wanted.

He is exhibiting such a high level of stress we are afraid to let him come into contact with the kitten in case he injures him. Ramasis has also been aggressive towards Osiris.

Should I keep him inside? or should I let him go out?

please any advice welcome ASAP

Thank you

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