Traveling away from siamese

by Johanna
(Lynden, WA)

We are going away for about a month. One of those weeks we will be over seas in a cruse the rest of the time we will be visiting family members. We have two kids, whom we will leave at their aunt.

What is the best thing for our cat? Stay home where she is familiar with her surrounding?

Bring her and leave her with the aunt who does not like cats. We will be traveling in an rv while we get there. No allergies she is just spooked by them specially this kind. But she would get to be with my two 8 year old girls. They do have a little Chiguagua who is older.

Leave her at a cat facility place like a cat boarding house.

Find her a permanent home with an elderly person who doesn't go out at all to keep her company, since we like to travel.

Our cat is a female blue seal and she is about 12 11 years old. Our years, not cat years.

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