Treats that my Siamese will actually chew?

by Steve

My Siamese cat LOVES treats....but he does not chew them and more times than not, end up throwing them up. I know there is specially formulated food for Siamese that promotes chewing, Im wondering if there are treats as well?

Has anyone else had problems with their Siamese not chewing cat treats?

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Nov 01, 2010
by: Darnel

I have a chocolate point Siamese and she doesn't spend time chewing her treats either. She inhales her food whether or not it's wet or dry. I think you should try giving your kitty some Bonita flakes. They are about the only thing that forces my Miko to actually chew.They smell pretty fishy so you might want to wash your hands afterwords. I think you might have some luck with that. You could also try adding some to whatever food you're feeding your kitty. Just enough that it would make your kitty work for eating the food by chewing. GOOD LUCK")

Oct 22, 2010
by: judy from long island

The best thing for hairballs is one of the petroleum based gels, i.e., Petromalt, Laxatone, etc. Some cats will lick it right out of the tube or pump; for those of mine who don't, I spread a layer on one of their paws, then smooth it down so that they can't shake it off (on the rug or furniture, of course) and they will lick it right off their paws. I try to give them a dose on a regular basis, 2-3x weekly, but if the hairballs are a recurring problem, you can give it more often.
FYI..If you got to, their prices are far more reasonable than those at the pet supply stores and you can order a catalogue. Any order over $50.00 is shipped free. (I have no connnection or affiation with them, but find the pet supply catalogues to have great discounts)>

Oct 22, 2010
hair balls
by: angelina diantonio

My Romeo gets hair balls every once in a while.He is 7 months old.

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