Two month old Siamese cat will not stop meowing

by adriane

Hello! i would like to know if my siamese cat has a problem, because we adopted her three-four days ago and we know she's in the "adjusting in the new environment" in the house but it's her fourth day: first day to now (fourth day) she can't stop meowing.

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Feb 29, 2020
Siamese kitten meowing all the time
by: Lynn

Hi Adriane
Siamese breeds in general are going to be more vocal. However, a kitten is going to meow a lot anyway. Because kittens are very curious and have high energy she probably needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation while she is awake to be happy. She is probably calling out to her mother or litter mates.

Does she have full run of the house? Being so young she may be confused and scared to be in such a large territory. When she cries she my be lost and calling out for help because she does not recognize her surroundings or does not know (or forgets) where her litter box or cat food is. Kittens get hungry very often.

Try putting her into a more smaller confined area, that is comfortable with plenty of food, water, and litter box. Once she develops confidence she can gradually be allowed access to more and more of the house.

I do know that in time this will get better.

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