Two peas in a pod...a tale of Tao and Ripley

by Ann
(Redford Twp, MI)



After losing my Gizmo to cancer this past summer I knew I wanted another Meezer to spoil rotten. I am a firm believer in rescue so I began my search. I kept being drawn back to the photo of Tao even though he looked like he was mad at the world. I contacted the rescue and it was love at first meet! Tao is such a gentleman and a big chunka-lunka. But what about Ripley you ask?

I never intended to adopt two, but I wasn't able to bring Tao home for two weeks and one night of internet browsing led me to the cutest mug shot I had ever seen. I figured what the heck, I'll call if he's already adopted then so be it. I called the Humane Society the following morning and well, of course, he was available and the
rest is history. Tao is the dark one in back and Ripley is in front hogging all the attention (as usual). Gotta love those boys!

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Mar 17, 2011
Lost Gizmos
by: Ann

Charlie, thank you for sharing your story too. I'm sorry that you lost your Gizmo. I never expected to find another one like him, but have since adopted two Siamese males who are best buds. I wish you the best and like kids you love each one of them in your own special way and there is enough love to go around for all of them.

Mar 17, 2011
Best Ideas
by: wissam Homsi (Beirut Lebanon)

Hi Dear, the best ideas in the world to adopt a pet i wish if will have it some day in our country , cos all cats & specially siamese they deserve the best life & best home like a queen's they are the best friends to humans . take care of them they are so cute.

Mar 01, 2011
I lost my Gizmo too.
by: Charlie

Tao and Ripley look awesome! congratulations on getting them! i was drawn to your story cause you mentioned losing Gizmo, i also had a cat called Gizmo, he was a havana brown male i had for 13 years, sadly i had to put him to sleep yesterday, his kidney failed and he stopped eating 2 weeks ago,the vet assured me he was in no pain (damn it, im crying again) this site is really helping me cope with my loss. i am definitely getting a female choclate point siamese kitten as soon as i can,money is no object,as siamese owners know, they become priceless! life has no meaning and is boring without at least one siamese cat.

Feb 23, 2011
by: angelina diantonio

They are so cute.Look at the love just pouring out of their faces.You can tell they are best buds !!!! Keep us updated !!! We love pictures !!!!

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