Types of Litter Boxes

Types of Litter Boxes

So what types of litter boxes are best? I prefer (and so do my cats) an opened litter box without a cover. When my Siamese became tormented and unhappy with a covered litter box, I got rid of it and never went back.

Many people prefer to provide their cats with covered litter boxes. For some cats this is great because some cats really prefer the privacy. But become aware that there might be problems. In a covered litter box you might forget to clean it as often because the dirty litter is “out of sight, out of mind”. A covered litter box traps the odor inside which becomes much intensified! Whew! Your poor kitty has to endure the smell. If you choose a covered litter box make sure you clean it very often. In these litter boxes a covered one may not be large enough for your cat to have room to turn around, scratch, dig, or position himself. A covered litter box also makes it easy for another cat to wait and ambush the user as he exits the box.

On the other hand, for timid cats a covered litter box provides privacy that you kitty might need. Many people have great success with covered litter boxes. If you want to experiment get one of each and see which one your cat prefers. I prefer an extra large litter box. Most found in pet supplies are too small. Look in housewares and you can find larger storage bins that make the best cat litter box.

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Covered Litter Boxes

Now that is major odor control!

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