Urinating on the bed

by Michell

My cat who is almost 2 years old and has decided to start peeing on my bed. Took him to the vet and no crystals were found in the urine but was put on antibiotics just in case of infection. He has been on medication for 2 days now. This morning I found another spot on my bed. Not a big one, but just enough that the bedding has to be changed. His litter is changed weekly and scooped daily. He is eating, drinking and playing normally. There have been no changes in our household and nothing to cause stress. What gives? Why is he doing this?

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Jun 24, 2015
Siamese kitten weeping on bed NEW
by: MaggieAnonymous

My six month old male seal point kitten was neutered a month ago. Now he ha started seeing on my bed. He scratches about and then weed....help?

Mar 11, 2012
Perplexed NEW
by: Michell

Thanks for your response.
I understand the territory thing and yes, he is close to me. We do have another cat, but the two cats have been together from early on. They both sleep together on the bed during the day and at night with my husband and I. The other cat isn't very social and could care less if I am around or not. So I don't think it is a jealousy issue.
I've had cats all my life and have never had this happen before. Hopefully I'll figure this thing out soon.

Mar 10, 2012
Urinating on the bed. NEW
by: Beatrice

Hi there,
I get several queries about cats peeing on beds. It seems to be a recurring theme and usually there is no patho physiology present, so I suspect that this habit must be something to do with "territory" and "scent" particularly if male. If he is very close to you, then he is trying to establish his territorial boundaries and to keep other cats or dogs away from this sacred patch - the bed. Does he sleep in your bed,? then if so, that might explain this behaviour. I don't think that peeing in a bed would indicate an infection and it is typical of vets that the first port of call is to eliminate an infection. You would know if he has an infection, as his urine would smell and be very concentrated.

Might I suggest that you ensure that he is not threatened by any other smells/male cats or dogs and that he is very secure. I do feel that he feels threated and is therefore trying to estabish his territory.

Beatrice from Ireland.

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