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Does anyone have a cat that doesn't cover their droppings in the litter box? I ask because my three year old cat named Mei Mei doesn't. We have another cat and he does cover his. We had hoped that Mei would learn from him but she hasn't. Since she doesn't do it now, does that mean that she never will? I hope someone can help. We can't stand the smell.

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Sep 04, 2012
litter box query NEW
by: Anonymous

Not all cats cover their poop. I have two Siamese cats too. One covers the other doesn't. Still at least they are using the tray. One of my cats went through a stage where they would poop outside the tray until I bought one of them feliway plugs. I just make sure I scoop the trays out a lot. If you know who is not covering you could try and cover it for them a couple of times then give them a treat and see if they copy you. Cat are strange and like humans have strange habits.

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