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Jan 24, 2012
by: my2wins

If she's still very young she might be attempting to nurse? My little girl is 14 weeks old and when I got her and her twin brother at 8 weeks, she latched onto my cashmere scarf and started nursing. (I realize in retrospect I might have picked her up a bit earlier than I should have, but at the time they told me she was 10 weeks old.) She still every once in a while does it but mostly its on a big grey blanket that's the same color as her mama. I notice she's about to do it when she's circling around and around then starts "kneading" with her paws (cutest thing in the world to see) then she's in the mood and she bites anything that's soft and available.

If your little one is doing this, take it as high praise. Give her lots of love and cuddles. She's probably just missing her mama and sees you as the target of her kittenly love. (Either that or she's hungry and its time to get up and feed the baby).

Jan 22, 2012
Vampire cat
by: Ashley

Our non-Siamese cat Casper does that to my fiance in the morning only to him.He will start my nudging up to his ear then start licking the inner part of his ear to wake him up and then he goes for the bite. I think he does it because they have such a close bond together hence why I got Sassy.

Jan 21, 2012
Vampire cat
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

Maybe she wants her breakfast and is telling you to get up and open a tin of something nice or else she is treating you like her quarry, the way they hold down the quarry under their paws until they are ready to dispense with it. Let her know that this is not acceptable behaviour and she will soon learn. Speak to her sternly ( they understand a change of tone of voice) and a little tap should let her know that this is not acceptable behavious.

Kind regards,
Beatrice in Ireland.

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