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Before purchasing the Veken pet fountain, It has been many years sense I used a pet fountain for my cats. The last one I used was bigger and bulkier and more difficult to add water in. Along with soft food (I make my own cat food), I also feed them a dry kibble. In a multi-cat home, I leave it out for them to eat all day. It works good for them and me, and none of my cats are too over weight. At night I feed them the soft liquidly food. Cats are not normally big drinkers of water, so it’s important to entice them to drink. Their wild counterparts are used to catching fresh prey and when they need water, they normally drink running water from a stream. You have probably noticed how your cats love to drink out of the water spicket, sometimes even the toilet. They prefer fresh running water. 

I am incredibly happy with the Veken Pet Fountain. Even though its small, 2.5 liters of water. I love its compactness. It is extremely easy to pick up and move around. It’s easy to put together and it comes with 3 replacement filters. In the Ozarks we have very hard limed filled water, that leaves a lot of deposits on everything. To avoid getting the filter too clogged up, too fast, I use bottled or distilled water in the container. That is just my personal preference, even when I put the water in a normal bowl, I did not use tap water. When I first moved here, one of my cats developed a UTI from the new local water so I decided to no longer give them tap. I still use the filters even though I used bottle water just so it can catch other things. 

It comes with a silicone mat to put the fountain on. Because of its small size, I do not put it on the floor but on a table in my living room. Cats love to climb on things anyway, and they love being above the floor when they drink water. I think its actually really cute and it does not make any sound. My cats love it, and I am happy they are enticed to drink more water for their health. 

Here are the manufacturer descriptions from Amazon. The price is also great! 

Veken Pet Fountain From Amazon

Ultra Quiet & Low Consumption Pump:  The pump is ultra-quiet (measured below 40dB) and low consumption, normally lasting between 2.5 - 4 years.

2.5L Large Capacity:  2.5L / 84oz water capacity is great for small to medium sized pets. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for your beloved pets all day!

BPA Free & High-quality Material:  Made of high-quality PP resin, this automatic water bowl is BPA free, non-toxic, durable, and it’s easy to operate and clean. Furthermore, each fountain comes with 1 silicone pad to catch splashing water from naughty pets.

3 Different Flow Designs:  Veken Pet Fountain has 3 modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain - each mode meets the needs of various pets. The free-falling stream and bright color attract pets to drink more water!

Triple Filtration System: The pet water fountain is equipped with 3 replacement filters, each composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. They form a triple filtration system to prevent your pets from getting sick.

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