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Jan 01, 2017
Shy Oriental cat
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 year Oriental cat that is also very shy. When I have visitors at home he hides and you will never find him. I also have a Siamese cat that is social and very friendly with everyone.

Feb 19, 2012
Shy Oriental cat
by: Beatrice

HI there,

It's still very early, he's only been with you for 5 weeks. He will need to get used to you and his surrounds and bond. He might be just plain shy as part of his breed and some genetic pre-disposition, they all have their own personalities. I think that he is still feeling insecure and unsure and you must re-assure him by constantly reminding him that he will not be harmed and that you all love him.

Hopefully in time things will improve.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

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