How much should my 16 week old siamese weigh

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Feb 07, 2012
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

This will depend on the breed. My Siamese chocolate point is tiny, despite eating like a horse and she is barefly 4 pounds and is nearly 1 and a half years old. My Burmese is nearly 11 years of age and weighs over 12 pounds, so it depends on the breed. If she is losing weight, then I would be concerned, but if she has retained her weight, then that is her baseline due to the breed.

KInd regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 06, 2012
by: my2wins

I have two siamese kittens, appx 16 weeks. The boy is 4.6 lbs and the girl is 4.2 lbs. They have doubled in weight since I got them at 8 weeks.

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