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May 30, 2013
kitty cries constantly!
by: Anonymous

I have a manx siamese mix, he inherited the siamese vocals however..... he cries 24/7even when I simply go to the bathroom. At night I took a diaper box put a blanket in it taped the box shut and cut a enterance
/exit hole I think it makes him feel secure when he sleeps and usually will chill him down the only reason he can't sleep with us is because we have the babys pack and play in our room we have to keep them seperate at night. Options are sleep with kitty till he's secure get a box for him to sleep in or another pet for company. I make our chocolate lab sleep in the living room with kitty at night that shuts him up too.

Jun 10, 2012
She is such a pretty kitten
by: Anonymous

I just think she needs time to get used to her new home. When I got my first Siamese kitten she was eight weeks old. She cried all the time for about three or four days even while eating.
She was just scared. I kept phoning the vet because I was so worried about her. I bought one of them feliway plugs and she seem to settle down in a couple of days. In a few weeks she will be fine and like me you may even thing about a second kitten. One year later I bought a second Siamese kitten he was 13 weeks old and seem to settle straight away. I dont know if that was because he was older and was left with his mum for longer or because he could smell my other cat through the door. It took about a week for them to mix and get on.

Apr 24, 2012
I agree 2 is the best!!!
by: angelina diantonio

I have always had 2 kittens together also.They are best friends.Mine are brother and sister and in the past I had 2 sisters.2 cats are heaven!!!!!

Apr 23, 2012
go for two
by: my2wins

I know you said animal companions is not an option, but I would just say that I have two 6 month old kittens, litter mates brother and sister.

In the past I've had one cat at a time, and also three. I've never gotten two kittens together till now.

My view is that having two kittens is definately easier than having one. And its WAY easier than having three.

Two kittens keep each other happy, play together, and keep each other company. To me its truly just as easy to take care of two kittens as it is to take care of one. There is zero difference, and the additional cost for food is well worth it knowing that the quality of life of the animal is far better.

This is just something to keep in mind. (I also have twin daughters BTW, so I'm all about economies of scale). :}

Apr 23, 2012
nice warm kitten bed
by: angelina diantonio

I would start with a bed she loves.If she loves a certain blanket fold it nice for her and find her favorite spot.Also toys would help.Make sure she has fresh litter,food and water at all times.You both need time to adjust and all will be fine.Show us pictures when you get a chance!!!As well as keep us posted!

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