What is my cats color

by Nancy

Can you help me figure out what type of Siamese I have please. I found her a few months ago when she was really sick and white and just absolutely loving. She is very playfully, extremely affectionate and talkative. I was thinking lilac shorthair Siamese. Thank you

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Oct 15, 2019

by: Lynn

Wow, that is a very unique cat. I think she is more of a blue point, but there is strange random coloration on her and she could be a Blue Point Tortie Siamese. Which is a Siamese that is a calico. She is so beautiful. Are her eyes more grey than blue? My Blue point Lynx has grey eyes. Lilacs are more frosty in appearance. Almost white, and very pale. I love the coloration on her body. If she is a tortie, then she is very rare.

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