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Feb 08, 2012
She looks like a wool stealer to me
by: Marley's Grannie

I had a Liliac when I was a kid but he was a big Siamese...she kinda looks like him but this cat is very petite. There is restaurant in Singapore called Siamese Cat - I hope they don't serve CAt there.

This cat, while adorable and beautiful looks like she would steal a lot of wool and wrap it around the furniture.

I think she is Seal or Blue....but I know she came from a run down trailer park cause when I bought her for you when you were a little girl, I left the car running while I paid. She was so tiny she fit in my one hand!!!

Good luck with your search.

Feb 08, 2012
She looks like a wool stealer to me
by: Grandma of cat

I had a lilac point when I was a child and she kinda looks like that but not as big. This cat is very petite. My siamese was quite large (male) and this on is a female.

She looks like the kinda cat that gets into lots of trouble when you aren't looking! Maybe stealing wool and wrapping it around a lot of furniture. Good luck on your search for your cat's roots. It was purchased in a broken down mobile home - that I do know cause I left the car running when I bought her for you in case I was mugged.

Feb 03, 2012
Kind of Siamese
by: Beatrice

Hi there,

To me he looks like a Seal Point Siamese, these were the original breed of Siamese, as they get older, and particularly after 2 years of age, the fur starts to darken. He has the apple-head, so I suspect he is one of the older breeds and this would represent a seal point.

He is a beauty and looks very placid and comfortable.

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland

Feb 02, 2012
Your type of Siamese
by: Lynn

What a beautiful Siamese you have. Especially in the picture of her looking up, next to the stove, my first guess would be a Blue Point. Sense you said she is seven years old, her coloration should be darker than if she was younger.

Here is my page on blue points:

Her body is darker than the one in the picture, but as she gets older, the body will darken... she is such a sweetheart!

Feb 02, 2012
by: r.s

thank you! she sure is a nice cat.I have had her for 7 years and she acts like a kitten still.she is playful and likes to sleep alot.

Feb 02, 2012
old fashioned to me
by: angelina diantonio

How adorable and handsome he is.You will have years of fun with him!!!

Feb 02, 2012
blue point applehead old fashion?
by: my2wins

He is gorgeous and spectacular, and you are very lucky to have such a special cat.

Its hard to tell just how light he is from these pictures, but he kind of looks like my first Siamese, which was a blue point.

Try googling blue point applehead siamese and/or blue point old fashioned siamese, and see if that seems like him.

For coloring, here's a good picture that compares the blue point with the seal point. Your guy looks somewhere in between, but I do know from experience that blue points don't always photograph accurately, and they sometimes show up as darker than they appear in real life:

The other thing I would say, and I don't know exactly how to differentiate between the two, but there are other non-siamese breeds that look similar, namley Burmese (thanks to information from a kind lady named Beatrice who has explained to me...), as well as Tonkinese, which apparently are a mix of Siamese and Burmese. I have done some research and I still can't exactly tell if my cats are Siamese or Burmese or ?

And no matter which type he is, that is one magnificent 'mese you have.

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