What should I do with my female siamese kitten?

by Josefina

What should I do? I have 1 and half month old female siamese kitten that I bought yesterday but still not eating and I was worried of what will happen. He seemed to be always at the corner of our house and snobs everyone

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Apr 23, 2012
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by: angelina diantonio

Place the kitten on her stomach at a 45-degree angle (just as a kitten would nurse from the mother) and let her nurse until she turns her head. Do not hold the kitten's head back, and do not hold her on her back as you would a human baby, because the kitten could aspirate formula into her lungs. Avoid getting air into the kitten's tummy by holding the bottle at an angle to keep liquid toward the nipple. Pulling back slightly on the bottle will help trigger the kitten's sucking reflex. Never squeeze the bottle to force milk to come out. Do not panic if the kitten does not eat the first day. She may be more accustomed to her mothers' milk, which is quite rich, and can sustain her for a longer time than replacement formulas. (If she is still not eating after 24 hours, seek veterinary assistance immediately. She may need to be force fed through a tube. Never attempt tube feeding yourself if you are unfamiliar with this procedure. If done improperly, esophageal or stomach damage, and even death can result.) Important: After the kitten's stomach is full, it is necessary to stimulate her to help her eliminate. A kitten does not have the ability to do this until they are three weeks old. Stimulate by taking a wet, lukewarm, but not hot, washcloth or paper towel and gently massage the anal region in a small circular or back-and-forth motion. You may want to hold kitten over a towel or sink while stimulating her.

Feeding Schedule This is a general guideline. A kitten will eat more often or less often, depending on the kitten. The label on the container of kitten formula you purchased should indicate the recommended amount to feed a kitten according to body weight. If a kitten cries, she is either cold or hungry. A contented kitten sleeps quietly.

Age in Weeks/Feedings per day
1 week old - needs 6 feedings per day
2 weeks old - needs 6 feedings per day
3 weeks old - needs 4 feedings per day
4 weeks old - needs 3 feedings per day



Apr 23, 2012
I found this on google.
by: angelina diantonio

You can hand feed it and buy a bottle at pet co you can find recipes on the internet.One thing please listen don't make the nipple hole to large and try not to be impatient. I was doing really well and then one day I made the hole too big and the formula was too quick and went out there nostrils and they ended up with an infection and died . My sister said they aspirated it.
Feeding Instructions
KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) or Just Born are the best formulas to feed a neonatal kitten. Do not give a kitten cow's milk, except in an emergency. If you cannot obtain KMR immediately, use the following emergency recipe for up to 24 hours only. In an emergency, call, a veterinarian, or check a local pet store for kitten formulas. Visit www.1888PETS911.org for humane societies in your area.

Emergency Recipe
2/3 cup homogenized whole milk
3 raw egg yolks
1 tablespoon corn oil
1 dropper pediatric liquid vitamins

Warm the formula in a nursing bottle or medicine dropper by placing the bottle or dropper into a cup or bowl of hot water. Test the formula on the underside of your wrist to check the temperature. If it feels too warm or too cold on your wrist, it will feel the same for the kitten. If the formula is too hot, wait until the formula cools down. If the formula is too cold, continue soaking the bottle or dropper in hot water. Always be sure to test the formula again before giving it to the kitten.

Apr 23, 2012
The kitten should still be with her mother.
by: angelina diantonio

You are going to have to start taking care of the baby kitten 24/7 so she does not die.Here is an excellent website with all you need to know about raising orphaned kittens:

The three most important things you need to concentrate on are:
1. Keeping kittens warm. They cannot regulate their own body heat for the first few weeks of life. Get a heating pad and put it on low setting underneath the blanket in their sleeping box, but only put the pad on half the box. This is because if they get too hot, they can crawl away from the heat to the cool side of the box.
2. Feeding kittens - Kittens need special kitten replacement milk, normally called KMR. You can find this and a special small bottle for baby animals at pet stores, some grocery stores, and even wal-mart. If you cant get any right away, and need some food now you can use evaporated milk temporarily, but don't do this too long because most cats are lactose intolerant and cannot handle too much dairy from cow's milk. The website I linked also has a recipe for how to make your own kitten formula at home. If you can't get a bottle right away, you can use something such as an eye dropper, but be VERY careful if you do this, and only give them a few drops at a time, because if they get too much in them all at once, they can accidentally aspirate liquid into their lungs, which can cause them to get sick or even die.
3. Kittens need help going potty. You need to help them by taking a cotton ball dipped in warm water, and rubbing it gently on their bottom and tummy to stimulate them to go potty. Normally momma cat would lick them to help them do this.

The website I linked above will have plenty more information on what to do and what to expect, as well as descriptions on the differences of what they will look like at different amounts of weeks old, which should help you figure out their approximate age.

I hope this helps, and I hope your kitten turns out ok =^.^=


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