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May 18, 2016
wet cat food for siamese cat
by: Katiek

When we got our kitty a present from my granddaughter she was eating dry food. do that is what we fed her. I have tried "wet" canned food and fresh food- Tuna and Salmon. She, Banana, would not eat it. we still try and she still will not eat it.
What can I do to encourage her. She is very stubborn and will not eat even if there is nothing in her food bowl...two max after that I gave in. Banana always has fresh water to drink.
Do you have any suggestions???

May 16, 2016
no chocolate
by: Austin

It will kill them

Jun 14, 2014
excellent explanation of feline nutrition
by: Karen

and why dry food is an inappropriate choice...the dehydration it results in is likely the cause of the escalation of kidney disease in domestic cats. Very informative read.

Jun 14, 2014
excellent explanation of feline nutrition
by: Karen

and why dry food is an inappropriate choice...the dehydration it results in is likely the cause of the escalation of kidney disease in domestic cats. Very informative read.

Aug 24, 2013
Kibble is bad
by: Anonymous

A cat that lived to 18 on kibble might have lived to 25 or more on wet or raw.

Aug 24, 2013
Dry kibble not good
by: Anonymous

I think the dry kibble comment isn't correct(about it shorten a cats life) That's all my cat ate and he just passed away at 18 years.

Feb 03, 2012
more on wet vs dry
by: my2wins

I suspect that most vets know no more about what is best to feed cats than people doctors know what is best for us. People docs have told us for years whatever they learn in med school.

To really understand what's best, you must do research and learn what is the natural diet of the cat. It is mice and birds.

Therefore to pick something closest to nature, a raw diet is exactly what cats need. There are multiple good recipes around and you can buy it frozen at some pet stores if money is not tight.

I ran all the numbers and its less money to make raw food including all the supplements than it is to buy a premium canned food.

Dry kibble should never be fed to cats period. You will shorten their life span. Even the very best kibble made (i.e EVO or Wellness Core)is made with starchy fillers like peas and potatoes, and high carb diets causes diabetis, urinary blockage, allergies, and other debilitating diseases. And kibble doesn't allow adequate moisture intake no matter what you do. A cat that eats kibble can't possibly drink enough water to compensate, and is in a constant state of dehydration. For boy kitties this can be high risk when they appoach middle age. I have experienced this first hand.

The purest form of food for a cat is raw diet, whether you make it fresh or buy it frozen. The next best is a grain-free canned food. I did hours of research to study the ingredience of dozens of premium brands and I prefer three canned options: wellness (grainfree), Before Grain (BG) (merrik), and EVO 95%

Stick with Chicken, Turkey and other feathered friends. Rabbit is actually best but I don't love the idea of it, and my kids get grossed out and refuse to feed the cats when I buy rabbit. Fish flavors should be given no more than once a week if ever since its too high in phosphorus, I believe. Beef is ok occasionally if ever, and I don't recall why it shouldn't be the primary.

The worse thing you can feed a cat is kibble, especially boys who need more moisture or their delicate little pipes get blocked very easily (again speaking from first hand experience). It sounds counter intuitive, but feeding cats kibble is like giving sugar and pies to diabetics. It destroys their health over time. But people keep doing it day after day, even when they know better. I feed my cats better than I feed myself, but it is SOOOO critical to me that they have a long healthy life. If I can add even one month or life to my cat I would do anything. So knowing I'm probably adding several years -- its a win win.

Feb 01, 2012
Agreement with the wet food only..
by: Doris Arnold

I was most surprised to have our Vet inform me of that very fact....wet food only...Both my boys love mostly fish...ugh the stink...whew! However they really both love their dried food as well and will choose such sometimes rather than the wet food. Oh! They both ADORE their treats too and will chomp them up with great enthusiasum, so go figure!!

Feb 01, 2012
What to feed your Siamese cat
by: Beatrice

HI there,

I was told by my vet to only feed my cat Kibble as it helps to form their gums and prevents gum sores, which she had from eating only soft food. The old maxim prevails as far as I can see. Nobody is totally right, moderation in everything, so I feed her tuna and chicken, mince turkey and pouched soft food, water and kibbles, so even if I am wrong in one sphere, I have it right in another.

I wonder if these vets who tell us to only feed kibble have a stake in the sales of these foods, as most veterinary practices are wall to wall with dried cat food. So moderation in everything

Hope this helps.

Beatrice from Ireland.

Feb 01, 2012
no dry kibble
by: my2wins

I am a long time siamese owner, who recently adopted two siamese kittens. (Siamese twins, ha). Before that I've owned three cats over the last 30 years, plus the family cat I had as a kid.

When I got the new kittens this past December, I spent the first month researching cat health, including nutrition. SO much has changed since I last had cats 10 years back.

I am an executive in high tech marketing, and I tend to want to know everything there is to know about an important topic before I decide what approach to take. And since I know all about how "marketing" works, I want the scientific facts behind cat nutrition, not the stories in advertising or sponsored content.

I can tell you this: cats should rarely, if ever, eat dry food (aka "kibble."). And secondly, cats should not eat any grains or veggies, especially starchy ones.

Grains = wheat, rice, barley, etc
Starches = peas, carrots, potatoes, etc

These are commonly found in most commercial cat foods, as the manufacturers need a lower cost filler. Even the most expensive high end ones use fillers.

By feeding kibble with grains and starches, Cat owners everywhere are unknowingly giving their cats the opposite of what they need, which can cause major health problems if not worse.

Of all the info I studied during my new kittens in the house research phase, the best overview on nutrition can be found here:

Its written by a very forward-thinking Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM), and I believe wholeheartedly she has hit it on the head. Not only did I read her evidence, I also rechecked it with a multitude of other experts.

I found it hard to believe at first, especially since I had just bought a bag of very expensive dry food and I really didn't want to spend the next 20 years opening cans or grinding up raw meat.

Bottom line: no dry food. No grains. Cats are carnivores.
I may start making raw food eventually, but haven't been able to get that going yet. In the meantime I use a canned "grain free" diet, which still isn't perfect but its the best available option I've been able to find.

Hope this helps.

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