What type of Siamese baby do I have?

by Melissa

When I found Smokey Jo 6/25/10

When I found Smokey Jo 6/25/10

I rescused Smokey Jo from my work. She was a stray, and according to the vet was about 5 weeks old and only weighed 1.1 Lbs. The vet said that Smokey Jo is pure breed Siamese but I don't know anything else. I was hoping with your help you could tell me what kind of Siamese she is.

I took her home and fattened her up and she is now about 4 months old, beautiful and a joy to have in my home. That brings me to my second question, why does she purr and act like she likes to be petted then turn over on her back and then start to bite us? How do I break her of this habit?
Any help on how to raise a wild Siamese kitten would be great!

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Sep 19, 2010
siamese type
by: Anonymous

what you have is a very lucky siamese kitten! i got mine much the same way at 4 weeks and raised it on smushed up shrimp and half and half from an eye dropper. its listed as a chocolate point by my vet but the color is dark charcoal with a spectacular tannish tinged ivory coat and piercing blue eyes..."Pearl" was just 'fixed' at 5 and a half months (a little early i know..but free) and given a pedicure..i think the pedicure is mandatory...as her claws were razor sharp and i am on blood thinners if you get my drift! good luck with your beautiful cat and if you are near a Pet Smart Store try the duck and venison 'hunters stew' catfood....my cat loves it..i think it connects with her wild side!

Sep 19, 2010
Kitten play
by: Lynn

Smokey Jo is very beautiful. From the most recent picture she looks like a "Seal Point".

She is going to be very playful, and cats play rough which includes biting and scratching. When cats play with one another, one of them usually will role over on their back. This shows complete trust. It means "I trust you enough to allow my most susceptible areas to be exposed", which is her throat and abdomen.

Reaching in and rubbing her while on her back, will make her go at you with all four feet and mouth. Its just play. They will take their legs, wrap them around your arm and hand, and get a firm bear hug on you along with teeth. This is what she wants. I suggest not doing this, if she gets aggressive step away and ignore her. Do not punish her, this would only make it worse.

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