What's type is my siamese kitten?

by Darius

Hello guys, wonderful site, I must add!

We have received our kitten two days ago, and ever since I cam trying to figure out which kind it is. First I thought she is a chocolate point... but now I am starting to wonder if she is not a seal point applehead. Beats me... hope you can help me out.
If the pictures aren't very helpful, let me know, I'll take some better ones.
Thanks a lot! :-)

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Jul 01, 2012
:-) Thanks a lot for the answers
by: Darius

Well, I cam glad you guys helped me out in figuring what kind of siamese Alfie is.
We finally decided on the name... and Alfie just seems to be perfect for our adorable fur ball.
Another thing I wonder about is ... he has some long hairs ... not sure if they will fall off or just stay like this. Do all kittens have some longer hairs sticking out of their fur?

Jun 29, 2012
I know it's CUTE!!
by: Anonymous

Looks like a little applehead--absolutely seal. I saw the little wedgie kittens at a cat show this month and they looked different. I love my appleheads--and one little melon-head (Himalayan).

Jun 29, 2012
OMG Adorable !!!
by: angelina diantonio

He is stunning!!! keep showing us pictures as he grows and we will see more of his points come out!!!!

Jun 29, 2012
Siamese Kitten.
by: Beatrice


I agree. I think he is more Seal point. My cat is a chocolate point Siamese and she is much more chocolate and cream, like cappucino coffee!!! It's nice that he's an old-fashioned apple head, he reminds me a bit of my Lilac Burmese, the same colour and shape of head.

He is lovely.

Kind regards,

Beatrice from Ireland.

Jun 29, 2012
Looks like a cute little seal point
by: Anonymous

I think he is a seal point. He is very cute. My cat is a seal point and the coulor looks very much like mine was when she was a kitten. She has got a lot darker in coulor now. Are the little pads on his paws dark too. Seal points have dark pads and noses.

Jun 29, 2012
by: Lynn

He is so adorable, he looks like a seal point. What a cutie! Your so lucky.

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