Will not eat any more and throwing up

by Julie

I got this kitten named smokey a month ago and he loved to eat, He was starved and had worms and very malnutrition. I took him to the vet for all of that. It has been three days since he has eating any food, all he will try to do is drink a little water he is starting to lose what little bit of weight he did gain. I do have a appointment for him this Friday. But what can I do to get something down him. He only weighs 1 pound 2oz. I'm worried. I try to offer him his favorite foods and nothing works, Do I need to try to bottle feed him. he is only 14 weeks old but does not look that old. I appreciate any help Thanks so much.

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Sep 27, 2011
Get help ASAP
by: angelina diantonio

Get that kitten help !!!! Call the clinic , vet ,every cat hospital until you find one that will take you asap !!!!!!! Keep us posted !!!

Sep 27, 2011
will not eat
by: Julie

Thats what I thought it was not looking good, I did finally get him in today for a visit, I will keep you up todate on him Thanks

Sep 27, 2011
Not eating
by: Anonymous

Do not wait until Friday - your kitten is in danger now. There are so many things that could do wrong. Explain to your vet that your animal has not eaten for 3 days. If your vet does not immediately fit you in, find another vet. Unfortunately sometimes you need to do this. You know your animal best. I hope all works out well for your kitten.

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