Ziggy -- the AMAZING, LIFE-SAVING single-testicled cat in the world! :0)

by Dan Schast
(Main Line, PA, United States)

Ziggy looking a little annoyed after his surgery.

Ziggy looking a little annoyed after his surgery.

My boy (Ziggy, the beautiful, Siamese pedigreed seal point, who is one and a half now,) went into be neutered and the vet ran into a problem--it seems Ziggy only had one testicle! !The vet left me a voicemail that I still have and play to people saying, "Well, we've been in there for about an hour and it looks like your kitty is a uniball." Haha. I felt so bad for him because I could see he was in pain for a few days, but I loved him and he appreciated it. He had to wear a cone around his because he was nibbling at his stitches. He recovered just fine, and never was not his Siamese self :0) If you also have this problem (I know people get worried because if the other testicle is left it can become cancerous,) but DON'T WORRY about finding the other one--the vet would've if it was in there. Due to Siamese cats' albinism (which causes their points to have their shade-it's sort of a partial albinism where the parts of their body that get the least amount of heat turn a darker shade,) the little batch on his belly that was shaved for the surgery will grow back in a slightly darker, yet beautiful sheen. I got Ziggy when I was living in Manhattan just about to finish up film school. He loved my apartment, but I have since moved back to Pennsylvania, and he LOVES all of the free roaming/playing room :0) ) Well Ziggy had a chance to repay me for the love I showed him when he wasn't feeling well...... I have been through a lot over the past year--I am only 22 and have had a cardiac arrest due to a condition called CPVT where if I get too much adrenaline in my body, my heart stops and game over, had a defibrillator implanted, then it got infected and I got sepsis and endocarditis and it had to be removed and a new one put in place after an 8-week at-home IV antibiotic regimen--and was forced to be in bed or at home for long stretches of time. Ziggy was there, talking with me, purring like a motorboat, always at my side, sleeping next to (or on!) me, and just generally loving me unconditionally and always cheering me up :0) I have since recovered, and am beginning work in the film industry, but any minute I am at home, Ziggy is right by my side, and has become my best non-human friend (even though he thinks he's one! Haha.) I am very fortunate to have my life, and to have Ziggy. Love the website!

-Dan S.
Email: danielschast@yahoo.com

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Aug 30, 2011
by: Lynn

That is a great story. Glad to hear you are doing well. Our precious kitties are always there for us.

Aug 11, 2011
You are both in my prayers !!!
by: angelina diantonio

Animals are precious gifts from God. We have no idea how much they save us from daily life threatening situations.

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