Siamese Relatives

Daantje and Tobias

These Siamese relatives are Daantje and Tobias Courtesy of Evelein and Annet in The Netherlands

When it comes to the Siamese relatives there may be a lot of gray areas. There are many exotic Oriental cats who have direct links to the Siamese, while others are believed to be, and some histories are unclear.


The Siamese cat is one of the pedigree cat breeds most commonly found as a component breed in pedigree hybrids, with several breeds owing some part of their formation to Siamese origins. Some of these breeds are considered original breeds like the Burmese and Korat who, by the way, also originated from Thailand, the same origin of the Siamese. Some breeds were specifically crossed with the Siamese. 

One extremely popular breed most have heard of is the Himalayan. Now the Himalayan would never be considered a Siamese. But this beautiful cat was created specifically by breeding the two most popular breeds in 1930, which was the Siamese and the Persian. The Cat Fanciers' Association which is the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats do not recognize the Himalayan as a separate breed but as a color variation of the Persian. 

Other breeds that were specifically crossed with the Siamese are: 

Bengal cat – This interspecific hybrid cat breed was created by breeding an Asian leopard cat and a Siamese cat together.

Birman - The origin of this breed is cloud in mystery and was assumed to no longer exist, but the breed was reconstructed by breeding various cat breeds with Siamese. 

Havana Brown - These cats resulted from crossing a chocolate-point Siamese with a black cat.

Colorpoint Shorthair – the colorpoint shorthairs are a type of Siamese with pointed colors aside from the traditional 4 coat colors of the Siamese. They are considered crosses because their lineage had crosses with other shorthair cats. They are considered a registered Siamese cat in most associations but are considered a separate breed in the CFA and WCF. These variations include the lynx points and the tortie points. 

Himalayan – Longhaired breed originally derived from crosses of Persians with Siamese and pointed domestic longhair cats to introduce the point markings. 

Ocicat – a spotted cat originally produced by a cross between Siamese and Abyssinian.

Savannah – The Savannah is a domestic hybrid cat breed. It is a hybridization between a serval and a domestic cat. (The first was bred with a Siamese) These are exceptionally large cats. 

Snowshoe – a cream and white breed with blue eyes and some points that was produced through the cross-breeding of the Siamese and bi-colored American Shorthair in the 1960s.

Tonkinese – originally a cross between a Siamese cat and a Burmese.

I will provide information about some of the other “ese”, other color points, and oriental cats. This will be based on information that I gather. This will be open for others to add what they know of these breeds and other breeds. I hope to get a lot of participants who will provide their own personal knowledge about cats who are related to the Siamese... or not. So, let’s start with the Oriental Shorthairs. 

Oriental Shorthair

Balinese Cat

Javanese Cat

Burmese Cat from Cat Breed Info

Burmilla Cat from

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